Rahama wright

shea yeleen, FOUNDER

Shea Yeleen is a DC based social impact company that creates handcrafted shea butter body care products ethically sourcing shea butter from women-owned cooperatives in Ghana. Each product ensures the purest quality shea butter for superior skin and hair care while creating living wages for women in rural communities.


kait dunning

12 past 7, illustrator & Founder

12Past7 celebrates the whimsy in life with fun and unique custom illustrations that celebrate diversity and empowerment. These illustrations are printed on greeting cards, stationary, home accessories, and art prints.

Every purchase helps support local animal shelters.

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J’nell Jordan

paintings by j’nell jordan, artist

J'Nell Jordan is a local figurative painter who aims to capture "feel good moments" and nostalgic experiences with her work. Her hope is that the expressions, body language and attitude in her work is contagious and that you feel it with whatever you bring to the experience. She believes that the art you live with should be a reflection of what you believe in, or what you feel and want to feel each day. 

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deanna furr

Deanna Furr artistry, jewelry artist & Ceo

Jewelry from DeAnna Furr Artistry is for any crystal lover and lover of beautiful things. My mission is to create lovingly handcrafted pieces infused with my positivity and good vibes.


Andrea Bertrand

Pretty Honest Candles, CEO

Pretty Honest Candles are all natural handmade soy candles. Eco-friendly. No black smoke. No headaches. 

“Being an entrepreneur means forging my own path. Creating something from the ground up and learning at every point.”


Emily Ullo Steigler

Scout & Indiana, Designer & Creator

Scout & Indiana creates stylish clothes & accessories for families who stand out in the crowd.

To me, being an entrepreneur means having the freedom to design and create openly, allowing the purest form of my creativity and originality to be realized.  It also means pushing myself outside of my comfort zone daily to grow and change accordingly, feeling the highest highs from my successes and owning and learning from my mis-steps.

JC Bailiwick.jpg

JC Smith

Bailiwick Clothing, founder

Bailiwick is an apparel brand that artfully merges the worlds of design, culture and purpose. We make clothing that we love, share our stories with the world, and give back to the great cities we inhabit.


Metrini Weaver

BATAX Collections, Founder

Metrini Weaver (nee Simatupang) was born in northern Sumatra, Indonesia in the city of Medan.
Metrini’s career to date has spanned environmentalism, multimedia journalism, and fashion. She is currently an international broadcaster with the Voice of America. She has served in various environmental roles in Indonesia and the United States, including at the Environmental Protection Agency in Philadelphia.


Shelley Thompson

District Crafts, Founder

District Crafts coasters and glassware are luxe pieces that celebrate the District, and the many places District residents are from. District Crafts was born when Shelley was going to a bridal shower for a friend and had purchased some awesome local DC liquors from Ivy City and wanted to pair them with some DC coasters and glassware, but to her surprise (and panic!), she couldn’t find any. So, as a lifelong crafter, she taught herself how to frost glass and gold leaf on stone, and the rest is history!


naima barnes

Knits by naima, Founder

Knits by Naima creates handmade knit and crochet accessories, that are made for the modern woman, who enjoys adding pops of color to her wardrobe. After Naima taught herself to knit, she instantly fell in love with being able to make something with her own two hands and wanted to create for others. She first began creating for friends, family and even her dog! Naima soon realized that she wanted to create for more than just friends and family.